Welcome to the website of Sin.Fid. BV

Sin.Fid. BV, established since 1994, is working as an independent advice company, providing administration-, management-, legal-tax-, estate settlemment / guidance, divorce settlement / guidance and Financial Planning services. Dealing with listed companies and private persons and everything in between. No matter the problem we are able to find acceptable solutions. See who we are...

“There are no problems just opportunities”

Holder of Dutch Central Bank license, Act on the Supervision of Trust Offices.
Holder of Authority Financial Market licenses, Act on the Supervision of Financial Markets.

Since 2010 Registered Certified Financial Planner CFP

Registered as Register Executeur for settlement of estates
Our office in Amsterdam is located only 25 minutes from Amsterdam Airport.

Some of our services include:

  Financial Planning    Administration & Consultancy     Legal Services